The Event

Latin America and the Caribbean has achieved great accomplishments in agricultural development, renewable energies and innovation in social policies. Meanwhile, Japan continues to strengthen its economic and commercial ties with the region to support its growth in the coming decades, which will generate various opportunities and synergies in these and other sectors.

In that sense, the objective of the event is to expand and strengthen the commercial ties between Japan and Latin American and the Caribbean countries (LAC) and to provide a better understanding of investment and trade opportunities.

High ranking government officials and private sector leaders of both regions will share their perspectives about the future challenges and opportunities to expand and strengthen economic and cooperation ties between both regions. The forum will address issues such as the economic and commercial relations between Japan and Latin America and the Caribbean, investment in quality infrastructure, collaboration in innovation and entrepreneurship, and financing for emerging markets.

Panel Discussions

Japan and LAC economic and trade relationships

The panel will discuss the future of Japan and LAC bilateral relations, taking account of the three principles “Progress together, lead together, and inspire together” which Prime Minister Abe stipulated in his 2014 speech in Sao Paulo and reflect the Forum’s general theme

Quality Infrastructure Investment

Panelists will address past experiences and future opportunities for Japan-LAC cooperation in the development of quality infrastructure projects

The Fourth Industrial Revolution

The panel will address the challenges and opportunities that this fourth industrial revolution affords for Latin American and Caribbean countries and the role that cooperation with Japanese firms could play in ensuring that the region is prepared to the meet them

Responsible Investing

The panel will highlight the use of thematic bonds as a vehicle to attract socially responsible private investors to provide funding to socially conscious enterprises serving poor and vulnerable populations


Business Site Visits and JETRO Seminar

ICT and Smart Life

Site visit will include experiencing NEC Group’s ICT core assets, including IoT-related solutions, security, and smart energy. Then, the group will proceed to learn people’s future lives with various advanced consumer electronics and household equipment at home in the years from 2020 through 2030 at Panasonic.

Innovation in automobile

The group will visit Japan Automobile Research Institute (JARI) to learn about innovations and new technologies on automatic driving, safety protection, and clean energy including carbon dioxide emissions.

Robotics and Future

The group will visit Robotics Tsukuba to learn robotics in the area of search and rescue, transportation, and patient care.

Japanese Food Business

Site visit includes a distribution center and a leading supermarket to understand the strict requirements and attention to detail prevalent in the Japanese food business.


Experts from the Japan Export and Trade Organization (JETRO) will explain the way in which JETRO supports Japanese SMEs in developing business: by conducting marketing research and exploring business ideas, etc.

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